William B. Smullin
Presidential Award


William B. Smullin was a communications pioneer, first in radio then in television then cable TV and microwave. He introduced commercial radio, television, and cable television to Southern Oregon and Northern California. Mr. Smullin founded and served as President of California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc. (COBI), the oldest independent continuous broadcasting organization in the west for 63 years. He received many awards including the Oregon Cable TV Presidential Award for outstanding service to the cable industry and was an OCTA founding member. The OCTA honors him and his contributions annually by recognizing others who have similar qualities.





Who is eligible for the William B. Smullin Presidential Award?


While historically this award has been given to cable owner/operators in Oregon, all outstanding contributions will be considered. The award shall be given to the person who demonstrates outstanding leadership, service and achievement to the cable industry in Oregon at the annual OCTA convention awards dinner.


Each year the OCTA, through its Board of Directors, recognizes an outstanding leader in the cable industry. Named for the original recipient, William B. Smullin, the award honored his entrepreneurial contributions to the Oregon cable industry. He was instrumental in organizing the OCTA.


Current Recipient: Amy Tykeson

Past Recipients

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